Lain-Lain Vol.0
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Lain-Lain Vol.0
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When there’s no hard and fast rules or limits to what we could create, there must be something else worth putting time in besides the routine bread-and-butter. Lain-Lain (‘miscellaneuos’ in Malay) depicts the spontaneous and playful attitude in the process of creating while exploring the possibilities of the everyday objects, and matter that often go unnoticed through graphic elements and storytelling; in an attempt to give them new meanings that could hopefully inspire us to keep our minds at play and ideas going, little by little.

By using play to visualize and express ideas and stories, it could be an ordinary object, it could be random writing, or along the lines of something else that challenges the mundane repetitions of daily life. Paper clip happened to pop up in our mind out of the randomness. In this issue, we attempt to un-dull the dull object by experimenting and uncovering fresh traits and the possibilities of paper clip by adding personality and fun touch to break out of boredom.

Size: 140mm × 200mm
Pages: 28
2 Color Risograph
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Lain-Lain Vol.0